Lashes and brows can make you look younger. Most people notice someone's eyes first. When we interact with someone, we look at their eyes, which can reveal their health, mood and age. Consider your morning makeup routine and how long you spend covering dark circles, brightening and defining your eyes. What if your eyelashes or eyebrows are too thin, sparse or light? Fortunately, lash and brow enhancement treatments can help you look younger without having to stand in front of the mirror struggling with mascara and shading pencils.

Realash is a unique eyelash conditioner that restores lashes and brows. The conditioner strengthens and moisturises lashes. Now you can have an effective eyelash enhancer with entirely safe formula which won’t irritate your skin.


The serum's active ingredients promote lash growth, prevent lash loss, and improve lash appearance overall. To ensure complete safety, the formula contains natural flax and marigold extract. Horsetail extract also purifies your skin, keeping it firm and toned. Calamus extract has anti-inflammatory properties. All of these ingredients are gentle on the delicate and sensitive skin around your eyes.

We offer access to professional aestheticians who can help you with eyelash and eyebrow enhancements to make your face look younger. Some enhancing treatments may be better for sensitive skin than others. The best enhancement treatments will give you fuller, healthier eyelashes and eyebrows that brighten your face.

Tinting can enhance thin, sparse, or light eyebrows and eyelashes. This darkens eyelashes and eyebrows so you don't need mascara or pencil shading every day. .

Eyelash extensions are a popular option for women who want thicker, fuller lashes. Professionals apply lightweight lash extensions strand-by-strand with medical-grade adhesive. Monthly touch-ups keep them looking good year-round.

Eyebrow Waxing. Having your eyebrows professionally waxed every two to three weeks can keep them from becoming bushy.