Botulinum toxin e.g. Nabota is a prescription medicine that is injected in small amounts into muscles and used to temporarily improve the look of both moderate to severe lines and wrinkles in adults. This procedure will require an initial consultation with a clinician. Response is usually seen 2-10 days after the injection. Typically, the muscle action (and wrinkles) will return in 4-5 months. At this point, a repeat treatment will relax the muscle and soften the lines again. Several sessions may be needed to complete the injection series. There is a separate charge for any subsequent treatment.

Possible side effects include: transient headache, swelling, bruising, pain during injection, twitching, itching, tearing, numbness, asymmetry (unevenness), temporary dropping of the eyelids or eyebrows, flu-like symptoms, wheezing and dizziness. These side effects are rare, but have been reported. Neurological diseases and pregnancy are contra-indicated. In a very small number of individuals, the injection does not work as satisfactorily or for as long as usual, due to resistance.

Bruising may occur after botulinum toxin injections. Substances that increase the risk of bruising include herbal medications, Omega 3, Vitamin E, Aspirin, Warfarin, and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. If you have taken any of the above within the past 7 days, you have an increased risk of bruising. It is important that you provide your physician with a list of all your current medications and supplements.

Botulinum toxin is best at treating dynamic facial lines, those caused by facial muscle activity; lines present at rest may or may not improve. A treatment may be effective for variable lengths of time with subsequent treatments, may not work as well or for as long as expected, or may not work at all. Alternatives which exist for the treatment of wrinkles include: topical creams, chemical peels, laser treatments, surgical removal of the frown muscles, forehead/brow lift, facelift, collagen or hyaluronic acid filler treatments.

Payment for this cosmetic procedure is the patient’s responsibility and that there will be an additional fee for touch ups. Because botulinum toxin therapy for wrinkles is considered a cosmetic procedure, insurance does not pay for treatment. Payment at the time of service is requested for all patients. You may request a price quote before your treatment. We request a 48-hour notice of cancellation for all scheduled botulinum toxin appointments. If less than 48 hours' notice is given, the patient will be held responsible for any costs incurred.

Typically, a follow-up is scheduled 2 to 3 weeks after the initial appointment. You authorize the taking of clinical photographs and their use for clinical and educational purposes. Your identity will be protected at all times. Please take note that the practice of medicine and surgery is not an exact science and that no results are guaranteed, including botulinum toxin therapy for wrinkles and lines.

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