Appearance Medicine

According to the World Anti-Aging Academy of Medicine “anti-aging and regenerative medicine are based on principles of sound and responsible medical care that are consistent with those applied in other preventive health specialties. The goals of anti-aging and regenerative medicine are not to merely prolong the total years of an individual's life, but also to ensure that those years are enjoyed in a productive and vital fashion”. The best way to prevent premature aging is by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and good habits.

Primary and Secondary Prevention

Primary prevention can effectively be combined with secondary prevention (educational campaigns, screening, early detection) to reduce the burden of skin cancer and to decrease incidence, morbidity and mortality. New research has shown that certain pharmacological agents may help to slow or reverse the process of photo-aging or carcinogenesis. The symptoms of photo-aging include prominent deep wrinkles, facial spider veins, dry skin, sun spots and an increased incidence of skin cancer. Although not yet in common use, chemoprevention as it is called, may be a realistic measure for many patients in the near future. More>>


For most of us, weight loss is the main motivator for getting into shape. But there are a lot of other benefits to physical exercise. Believe it or not, regular physical activity can reduce the signs of skin-aging! Physical exercise increases blood flow throughout the body. Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to the body's vital organs, including the skin. When the skin of regular exercisers is examined, the impact of their activities are clearly evident. The skin appears to be thicker and has more collagen, the fibers that give the skin its strength and flexibility. More>> 

Skin Rejuvenation

If you are concerned about the visible signs of skin-aging, a number of treatments are available. Botulinum toxin and injectable fillers are suitable for healthy people on-the-go who doesn’t want the inconvenience of a long recovery. Radiofrequency is a non-invasive procedure that offers an alternative to the traditional facelift. Intense Pulsed Light therapy, chemical peeling, dermabrasion, micro-needling and some topical therapies can help to restore your skin, giving it a smoother and refreshed look. More>>