Due to the current Covid-19 situation and restrictive mandates, our service capacity has been affected and may lead to longer waiting times. You are not required to pro­vide proof of vac­ci­na­tion to access any of our services. All our staff adhere to the current governmental orders and appropriate infec­tion con­trol measures have been introduced. If you've recently traveled overseas or any domestic location of interest or presents with flu-like symptoms, please defer from coming to the clinic. We recommend getting a Rapid Covid-19 Antigen test or seeking medical advice and reschedule your appointment.

Welcome to our website!

Skin Medic Ltd is a private physician-owned and operated clinic based in Levin, New Zealand. We regularly visit other convenient satellite clinics in the Manawatu-Wanganui region. Our services include a wide range of medical, surgical, laser and non-invasive treatments for photo-aging, skin cancers and facial aesthetics.

Skin Cancer Checks

It is important to examine your skin on a regular basis and consult an accredited skin cancer doctor or clinic if you or someone close to you notice anything changing or suspicious.

Laser Treatments

Our certified staff use the latest state-of-the-art lasers to improve the appearance of the skin, remove tattoos, redness, blemishes, reduce hair and ultimately enhance your confidence.

Facial Aesthetics

You can soften the effects of time and the sun on your face with many nonsurgical cosmetic procedures e.g. mesotherapy, anti-wrinkle injections, enzyme peels & radiofrequency therapy.

Today's UV Index

The Ultra Violet Index (NIWA) has been adopted as an International standard to accurately compare and measure the day-to-day intensity of ultraviolet radiation in New Zealand.

Skin Cancer College Accredited Doctor Service

A comprehensive skin check is vital for early detection of skin cancer. Doctors displaying the "Accredited Skin Cancer Doctor" symbol have undertaken very high level training and testing with the Skin Cancer College Australasia. This easy to recognize symbol allows you to identify doctors who have proven skills and knowledge in the diagnosis and management of skin cancer.