Many people decide to get tattoos when they are young. They then go on to regret the decision later in life, especially where the tattoo features a person’s name or symbol which they rather not be associated with. The removal of tattoos using lasers has been carried out for more than 20 years. Because of the variety of different types of tattoos (e.g. amateur, professional, semi-permanent), it is important to find a practitioner experienced in treating a wide range of tattoos. The Q Switched ND:YAG laser significantly lightens and removes many amateur and professional tattoos. It is particularly successful with tattoos made of dark blue, black, and red ink. This includes tattoos that have been applied as permanent cosmetics e.g. eyebrow liners. Repeat treatments will be required; anything from 4 – 20 treatments sessions may be required 6-8 weeks apart. Cost is determined by size of the tattoo and time taken for each area. A quote will be provided by Dr Louw or Laser Technician at the initial consultation.