Our Onsite Skin Cancer Screening Clinics are designed to come to your workplace. This will help to minimise disruption and employee downtime. You can rest assure knowing that all your employees will receive a thorough head-to-toe screening by a nurse practitioner who is trained in advanced dermoscopy and digital imaging.

All employees are provided a confidential report with the outcome of their consultation. If any suspicious skin lesion is found, which may require urgent treatment, it is possible to fast track referrals into public health system or private surgical clinics. The cost to the corporate sector is kept to a minimum as you are dealing directly with our clinic and not with an intermediary.

The initial quote for the onsite visit includes patient scheduling, risk assessments, thorough dermoscopic examinations, photographic recordings of suspicious skin lesions, onsite education and information material, statistical analysis and reports. By offering this service to your employees your company is strengthening its commitment towards improving your workplace environment, sun protection policies and well being of your employees. For more information - Call 06-2102255, Mobile/SMS 021344496 or info@skinmedic.co.nz