October 2013 - Horowhenua Chronicle & Manawatu Guardian
Skin Medic is an exciting evolution of the Horowehnua Skin Cancer Clinic and its satellite clinic in Palmerston North. The Horowhenua Skin Cancer Clinic was initially established in 2009 due to the local demand for primary care dermatology services. Since then our services have expanded to involve the greater Manawatu region.

Skin Medic is a private practice. Our fees vary depending upon the examination or procedure required. These fees reflect the costs and time required to sustain a high quality service without government funding. We do appreciate that there are patients whose financial circumstances limit their ability to meet private fees, and we will continue to provide an affordable service to enable these patients to access our clinics. We have always maintained a trusting relationship with a focus on the patient as an individual & to date has cared for more than 1400 patients.

During September, the clinics have undergone an exciting rebrand that will refresh and revitalise the already successful brand, ensuring it stays relevant to the needs of our patients. The new name has been carefully chosen to reflect the core philosophy of the care we offer and with the community support we will continue to deliver the highest standards of care.

February 2014 - Horowhenua Chronicle
There is an expression “Prevention is better than a cure” and this is certainly true where skin cancer is involved. Primary prevention can effectively be combined with secondary preventive measures (education, screening, early detection) to reduce the burden of skin cancer in our community. These primary prevention measures may include:

1) Seeking shade, especially during midday hours between 10am and 4pm.
2) Wearing clothing and wide brim hats to protect exposed skin.
3) Wearing sunglasses that wrap around and block both UVA and UVB rays.
4) Use topical sunscreen with sun protective factor (SPF) 30+ or higher. Broad spectrum sunscreens block up to 97% of UV rays, if used correctly.
5) Avoid coconut oils which only provide up to 20% protection.
6) Avoid indoor tanning facilities or solariums.
7) Get vitamin D safely through 10-15min of sun exposure a day and a healthy diet.
8) Stop cigarette smoking and other unhealthy habits.
Remember, always seek advice from an expert, your GP or the local skin cancer clinic.

February 2016 - Wanganui Chronicle

February 2014 - Health Expo, Palmerston North
The Convention Centre in conjunction with Mid-Central District Health held a free health expo! Fantastic new event free to the community! They hope to promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage people fit to start fresh for the New Year ahead.

There were over 45 exhibitors including the Well Child Expo on the first floor. With free health advice, samples, giveaways, prize draws there were something for the whole family!

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